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Tiny Tot Kickers - [Sat - 9:00 AM]

Tiny Tot Kickers classes place a primary emphasis on childhood development while also introducing toddlers to soccer with games and activities that allow them to run, play as a group and kick a ball. The beginning of the season will focus mostly on non-soccer childhood development and as the season progresses coaches will begin to introduce more soccer specific games and activities. Our approach is one in which toddlers will gain the most basic soccer skills while facilitating their physical and emotional development in areas such as balance, coordination, sharing with others, following directions and social engagement. Playpen Sports Academy classes are geared toward toddlers’ unique way of learning and incorporate games and activities that include regular soccer balls, super soft & light play balls, parachutes, noodles, cones, scoring goals, lots of high-fives and more!​ (Adult participation is required)

Dates:           April 24th - May 29th

Days:            Saturdays

Time:            9:00 - 9:45 AM

Ages:            2 Years Old

Location:      Hartung Park

Tiny Tot Kickers - [Sat - 9:00 AM]

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