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Childhood Development Through Sports

[Ages 2-5]

 motor development

 structured learning

social engagement 

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first  impressions  matter...

Make Their First Sports Experience A Good One!


Make their first sports experience a good one!


A  place   to make   friends!

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baseball tee vector.png

Playpen Sports Academy's childhood development programs are a wonderful way to introduce your child to the world of sport and physical activity in a non-intimidating social environment with a small group of other toddlers and parents. 

 First Impressions 

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kicking girl vector.png

more   than   just   sports...

The Playpen Sports Academy curriculum is focused on a number of different goals including teaching children how to move and use their bodies, share with other children, interact in social settings, follow directions, and most importantly how to have fun in a  physically active environment! 

At Playpen Sports Academy, we are focused as much on the individual development of your child as we are on sport specific skills that we teach. Because while we expect some of your children to go on to be great athletes, we expect all of your children to go on to be great humans! 

Learn,  Move, Share & Grow

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Take it From Mikey's Mom!

Sarah & Mikey P.

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[ Tiny Tots Soccer ]

"I was surprised how much my little guy seemed to love his soccer class! We can't go more than two days without him asking about class or coach Ben!"