Play From Home 

Activity Guide


This is a guide of games and activity ideas for parents and kids to try at home using common household objects. Activities can be for all ages from toddlers all the way up to middle school aged kids.**

Follow along with us for the next 6-weeks as we provide unique ideas on how you can use common household objects to create fun and engaging games for you and your kids while you're are stuck at home. 


Each week we will pick a new household object or item and give a list of different ways you can use them. We will release a written guide with these activity ideas as well as a short video with examples on how to implement these games and activities. Through the six weeks we will be posting this content on our Instagram page @PlaypenSports as well as right here one our website so you can follow along at home. 

week 1


Cushions & Pillows

week 2


Baskets &


Week 2 Guide

week 3



Week 3 Guide

week 4



coming soon
Week 4 Guide

week 5



coming soon
Week 5 Guide

week 6



coming soon
Week 6 Guide

Play, Share & Win Prizes!

We encourage parents to create videos of their own trying these different games or activities using the different household objects for a chance to win a FREE SEASON with Playpen Sports Academy or some other fun prizes for those who are not local, such as free gear, sports balls, and more!

At the end of the six weeks we will be holding a drawing where we will be giving away these prizes. In order to be eligible for our drawing, you must:

  1. Post a video or picture of you and your kids participating in these sorts of “household object activities”  on your facebook or instagram (stories or posts)

  2. Use the hashtag #PSAPlayFromHome

  3. Tag us @PlaypenSports on Instagram and/or @PlaypenSportsAcademy on Facebook

  4. Tag your city location so we know if you're local or not.

  5. You must also follow our Instagram Page @PlaypenSports in order to win!

*Each activity post is worth one (1) entry into the drawing with no limit on the number of entries you can receive.

Safety Disclaimer: All activities or games should be performed only in the presence of a responsible adult while taking proper safety precautions to protect anyone from getting injured. These activities are meant to serve only as ideas for parents and adults to build off of and implement in their own way, Playpen Sports Academy is not responsible for how you choose to implement these games or activities.


**Not all activities are not meant for all ages. Please use responsible judgment in which games can be played for certain age groups. Playpen Sports Academy is not responsible or liable for any injury, misuse or irresponsible use of household objects in trying these or any other similar games or activities. Please make sure to be responsible and keep safety as your number one priority.