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Our Rebrand: Always Moving Forward

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Playpen Sports Academy

Spring is a season of new beginnings, new opportunities, and most of all it's the season of moving forward. As they say; out with old and in with the new!

So as we blossom into the season of new beginnings, I'm incredibly excited to announce some new beginnings of our own!

We are now a multi-sport program! While we will continue to offer the same great toddler soccer programs, we will also now be offering programs for toddler baseball, basketball, and many others as we continue to grow as an organization!  With that being said, our first new program will be a baseball program, which will be taking place this summer (June 27th, 2018) in our Beverly region for ages 3-4!


Also, with these new programs comes a new name! As of this spring, we will no longer be operating under the name Super Soccer Tots and instead our organization will will begin operating under our new name: Playpen Sports Academy

Why the Expansion?

Since the inception of Super Soccer Tots (and now Playpen Sports Academy), our primary focus has always been on childhood development. Which until now, has been facilitated entirely through the great sport of soccer. However, soccer is just one of many sports that your children will go on to play throughout their childhood and as any coach will tell you, multi-sport athletes are often the most well rounded athletes.  Not only does cross-sport participation play a positive role from an athletic development perspective, but equally as important, there are a number of benefits in the areas of emotional, social and intellectual development as well. Where one sport requires team work and cooperation, an alternative sport demands individual conquest and personal accountability. Where one sport requires reactionary thinking and dynamic cognitive processing, another sport demands strategic planning and precise execution. Where one sport requires urgency and enthusiasm, another sport demands patience and restraint. One of the incredible beauties of sports is their undeniable reflection of the real world. Sports have a way of taking the harshness of the outside world and turning it into a form of play. They have a way of teaching us the lessons of life without the potential for failure, because in sports, even failure is success. For we learn nothing without our failures. I'm incredibly proud of everything our team has done over the past six months and I can't wait to see what's in store for the future!

Chris Nagel

Executive Director

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