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Development Starts Here! 

*Please Note: In rare cases the class location is subject to change to an alternative venue (typically nearby) due to circumstances out of our control including but not limited to things such as weather, field conditions, and/or accessibility issues. 
PlayActive Pros {Thur Afternoons - 4-5 year olds}

PlayActive Pros is an entry level class which will emphasize the evolving physical, intellectual and social functions that are so critical for the development of children at the ages of 4-6 years old. This class will leverage themes such as team sports, dance and movement, track and field, brain games, yoga and fitness, and more!


Dates:           June 6th - July 18th

Days:            Thursdays

Time:            Afternoons (1:00 - 2:00 PM)

Ages:            4-5 Years Old

Location:      *Kyria Childcare Center (1783 S Washburn St, Oshkosh, WI)

PlayActive Pros {Thur Afternoons - 4-5 year olds}

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