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kids and toddlers playing sports and soccer and baseball.

Upcoming Program Safety Updates (COVID-19)

Learn more about the changes to our upcoming programs aimed at prioritizing the health and safety of our community in the current public health environment. 

Updated: July 1st, 2021

At Playpen Sports Academy our number one priority is always the health and safety of our PSA community. As we prepare for our upcoming spring, summer, and fall programs, we will be continuing a number of minor modifications within our classes in order to make sure we provide our families with the safest and most responsible environment possible. While these modifications bring some minor changes to how our classes are facilitated, we have worked very hard to maintain the core values of our classes and we feel confident that the social, physical and developmental aspects that our classes are so well known for will remain fully intact!


Please read through the information below to learn more about these modifications and how they will improve the safety of our summer classes:

Program Safety Protocols

Larger Field Spaces // 

More space will allow us to keep everybody as far apart as possible. 

Additional Equipment //

In order to not only minimize the sharing of equipment but also to spread the kids out as much as possible we will be supplying additional equipment for each class as necessary. 

Staff & Coaches Training //

All coaches and staff will go through additional health and safety training in order to make sure we are following all guidelines and keeping everybody as safe as possible.

Mask Protocols //

All non-vaccinated coaches will be required to wear a mask. While we aren't requiring the children to wear a mask, we are asking all non-vaccinated parents to do so when participating in class in order to keep everyone safe and feeling comfortable. 

Hygiene Stations // 

Plenty of hand sanitizing stations will be available at each program location. 

Health Checks // 

We will ask coaches, staff and families to follow our new Code of Conduct to ensure a safe, symptom-free environment. This will include: daily self-symptom checker, respiratory etiquette, and hand washing.

Health and Safety Code of Conduct

Please read the information below to make sure we are all being respectful of others and keeping everybody healthy and safe.

1. Arrival & Personal Space: When arriving and throughout class, we ask that families stay at least 6 ft apart from other families while waiting to check-in, watching from the sidelines, getting water breaks, using sanitization stations, etc.

2. Masks: Please considering the protocols laid out below.

Children will not be required  to wear a mask.

Parents: We also respectfully request that any non-vaccinated parents who are participating in class (on the field) wear a mask when necessary in order to keep everyone else feeling safe and comfortable.

Coaches: All non-vaccinated coaches and staff will be required to wear masks at all times.

3. Respecting Boundaries: When working with your kids (especially those with younger or more adventurous kids) please make sure to keep an eye on your child and prevent them from running into others personal spaces as best as possible. We will be doing our best to keep everyone spread out and providing a buffer zone between each space, however we've been doing this long enough to know that curiosity at the age of 2-3 can sometimes only be stopped by physically preventing it, so be ready for a little chase every now and then.

4. Interacting with Others: We understand that some families may be friends or want to chat at some point during your time at the park. You are all responsible adults and the park is a public setting so we will not be the social distancing police and yelling at parents who decide to interact. That being said however, we would ask that you please be respectful of others and act responsibly. This means try to interact from a distance of at least 6-10 ft and make sure to be wearing your mask. 

5. Who Can Come: We would like to ask that for the most part only immediate family participates in this program as to avoid any large groups of people. This means anyone in your household, such as brothers and sisters are allowed to attend. We also ask that if grandparents or family friends are interested in coming to watch that they keep a very safe distance from everyone else.

6. Health Checks: Please make sure to do a self-symptom check for everyone who plans to come to class each day and stay home should you notice any potential symptoms of illness. 

7. Respiratory Etiquette: Please also make sure to cover your mouth using your arm (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing. Please also avoid heavy breathing in another persons direction when you are near others. This is relevant more so for the kids than adult so please make sure they understand this. 

8. Respect Others: Regardless of your personal beliefs surrounding the current public health situation and how you choose to go about your lives, please be respectful of others in our community and make sure to abide by the ground rules we have laid out above. We take these safety precautions very seriously and we will have zero tolerance for anyone who may be putting others at risk or making others feel uncomfortable. 

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the things discussed on this page please feel free to reach out to us

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