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[Ages 2-6]

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A Place to Make Friends! 

Playpen Sports Academy's childhood development programs are a wonderful way to introduce your child to the world of sport and physical activity in a non-intimidating social environment with a small group of other toddlers and parents.

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Take it From Mikey's Mom!

Sarah P.

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[ Tiny Tots Soccer ]

"I was surprised how much my little guy seemed to love his soccer class! We can't go more than two days without him asking about class or coach Ben!"

Far   more   than  just  sports...

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The Playpen Sports Academy curriculum is focused on a number of different goals including teaching children how to move and use their bodies, share with other children, interact in social settings, follow directions, and most importantly how to have fun in a  physically active environment! 

At Playpen Sports Academy, we are focused as much on the individual development of your child as we are on sport specific skills that we teach. Because while we expect some of your children to go on to be great athletes, we expect all of your children to go on to be great humans! 




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Coming Spring 2021


(Coming Summer 2021)

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Soccer Classes

Soccer Classes

Open to Learn more

Tiny Tot Kickers ™ 

Tiny Tot Kickers ™ classes place a primary emphasis on childhood development while also introducing toddlers to soccer with games and activities that allow them to run, play as a group and kick a ball. The beginning of the season will focus mostly on non-soccer childhood development and as the season progresses coaches will begin to introduce more soccer specific games and activities. Our approach is one in which toddlers will gain the most basic soccer skills while facilitating their physical and emotional development in areas such as balance, coordination, sharing with others, following directions and social engagement. Playpen Sports Academy classes are geared toward toddlers’ unique way of learning and incorporate games and activities that include regular soccer balls, super soft & light play balls, parachutes, noodles, cones, scoring goals, lots of high-fives and more!​ (Adult participation is required)

A - (24 - 36 Months)

Tot Shot Kickers 

A - (3 Years)

B - (4-5 Years)

Tot Shot Kickers ™ classes are open to brand new players with no experience or prior participation is needed! Although, for those who have done our Tiny Tots classes these Tot Shot programs are designed to build off of the basics learned in Tiny Tot classes while continuing to introduce higher level soccer skills and fundamentals. These classes will continue to take a childhood development approach and will focus on increasing balance and coordination while introducing things such as jumping, foot-eye coordination, ball control, listening skills, social cooperation, and independent learning. Some parent participation is still required, however our goal is to increase toddler independence by relying less on the parents as the season progresses. 


Status:   Coming Soon!


Status:   Coming Soon! 

summer Registration

Coming Soon!


Status:   Dates Coming Soon

Registration Opens:     October 2020

Expected Dates:           January - February

Last Years Dates:          January 11th - February 29th


Status:   Dates Coming Soon

Registration Opens:     July 2021

Expected Dates:           September - October

Last Years Dates:          Sept 19th - Oct 24th

Baseball Classes

Open to Learn more

Baseball Classes

Tot Shot Sluggers

A - (3 Years)

B - (4-5 Years)

The Tot Shot Sluggers class is a development-based program focused on the social, physical and intellectual aspects of baseball. Toddlers will play fun games and actives that introduce throwing, catching, and swinging. The physical developmental portion of this class is centered around hand-eye coordination and environmental reflexes, while the social and intellectual development will focus on patience, working together and relying on others. These classes will also provide opportunities to work on areas of general development such as increasing balance and full-body motor function, while continuing to emphasize emotional skills such as: following directions, active listening, social collaboration, and independent learning. Some parent participation is required, especially in the beginning of the season,   however our goal is to increase toddler independence by relying less on the parents as the season progresses.


Status:   Coming Soon!

Status:   Closed 


Expected Dates:           July - September

Last Years Dates:          July 25th - September 2nd

Registration Opens:     May 2021


Status:   Dates Coming Soon

Expected Dates:           September - October

Last Years Dates:          Sept 19th - Oct 24th

Registration Opens:     July 2021